Blogging Again

After (too long) a pause, I am back on the blogging front!

Long story short: my client work and other side projects have kept me busy. Too busy in fact to do this blog the justice it deserved, so it was taken offline while I worked on the important.

Good to be back and I will endeavour to write (more) regularly. Most of what I write will be published at, and occasionally here.

Thanks for reading!

Confessions of a Relationship Manager - The Beginning

Confessions of a Relationship Manager - The Beginning - In a recent IT career, I had the amazing role of "Relationship Manager." What's that you ask? Good question and if you asked it you're not alone.
A little secret: Many of the people I encountered every day were puzzled by the term. Even many of my colleagues (and a couple of other Relationship Managers who shall remain nameless) were unable to fully describe the role. How's that for nebulous? The only people that I can say always grasped the term (aside from my management) were the leaders in the business units. The executives who were focused on profitability and business operations always *got it*.
So why the difficulty for the others? I think the reasons were two-fold:
1) Lack of marketing messaging. (Large internal IT typically fails in that regard, especially to itself).
2) They didn't need the value.
Point number 1 is largely self-explanatory. Point number 2 requires a little more explanation and it relates directly to IT alignment.
I'll expand on this topic in my next post.

IT Leaders: Have You Worked in a LORT Shop?

A colleague passed along an article recently that I felt compelled to comment on. Go ahead and give it a read. Executive Summary: IT strategies are a folly.

So, "Is the best IT strategy no IT strategy"? That depends what planet you're on. On planet "tech journalism" it makes for a controversial headline. But, on planet earth a CIO with no strategy is like a ship's captain with no destination and by extension no map to get there. A CIO that operates under this slogan is an ideal customer for LORT (lots of random technology.) Have any of you worked in a LORT shop?

As a CIO, formulate a sensible strategy that is aligned with your company's (CEO) strategy. Innovate on a technology level to make it sizzle but while doing so keep your costs under control.

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