About the Firm

executiv.es is a boutique technology consulting firm based in Vancouver BC. It is IT-focused but can deploy additional management professionals from other disciplines on an ad-hoc basis to suit your specific business needs.

executiv.es specializes in IT process improvement, cost optimization, and the direction of technology programs and teams.


executiv.es is headed by Randall Ross, President & CEO. Randall brings over 20 years of Information Technology Direction and Business Management experience to you. Randall has solved some of the toughest challenges for Fortune 500 companies in Canada and the United States and has a broad range of experience in key roles that include: Business/IT Strategist, Change Agent, Functional Leader, and Technology Advocate.


executiv.es is headquartered in Vancouver BC (on Canada’s west coast.) Vancouver is strategically located to major cities and markets in Canada, the USA, and Asia. We can quickly dispatch to your location or we can work remotely depending on your project needs.